About me

        My name is Andris Lipenitis and ever since I was a child, I have always loved to disassemble and fix broken electronics. Later in high school, I realized that I also had a talent for programming. As soon as I was done with high school I came to Denmark and in September of 2014, I started my studies at Aalborg University in Esbjerg
        The learning model of having a large project throughout every semester helped me learn to take a project all the way from an idea to simulations and finally to a fully implemented system. These projects started with simple coctail mixing machine, then a system to measure the mult-interface level in an oil tank followed by a computer system to control the lights in a bulding depending on where the people are. During later semseters carriculum turned towards control theory and signal processing. From there my projects have been mostly towards industrial automation. Those include gantry crane stabilizing controller, measurement while drilling tool and it continued also during my Masters degree with the model identification of pump systems and my long master thesis project of implementation of model predictive controller on a remotely operated underwater vehicle to make it fully automated.
         Besides my academic achievements, I have also been headhunted by a digital payment company to help their product interact with a large variety of their customer systems. While it started with just a hardware system design and programming, I adapted my skills and have been deeply involved in the programming of their web-based backend.
        With the skills I have gained during the last 7 years, I’m fully confident that I am the guy you need to turn your ideas into reality.

To sum it up:

Name: Andris Lipenitis.

Age: 25


  • BSc Electronic and Computer engineering, Aalborg University
  • MSc Intelligent reliable systems, Aalborg university

Work experience:

  • Embedded Linux system developer at Switchpay